Strategy insights

Let Insights & Analytics help you stay strategic in your Accounts Payable process

Be in control of your invoice process

Insights & Analytics helps you stay compliant by staying on top of your cash flow and help you find answers on how to optimize it.

You can make the best possible AP process strategy by having the full overview of your invoice process.

When you create a strong strategy, you can optimize your cash flow. By optimizing your cash flow, you can pay your vendors on time or even earlier, which benefits your vendor relations. And that, in turn, strategically benefits you.

Vendor Invoice Overview

This dashboard offers you a helicopter view of your Vendor Invoices as a whole.

By providing the full overview of your invoice process, you are able to strategically stay on top of your AP process.

You can filter and visualize the VIM data in many ways – for example, based on company codes, vendors, invoice types, invoice channels and more.

Invoice Payment Analysis

This dashboard provides you with the information to improve on your vendor relations. Are you paying your supplies early, on time or late?

You can locate the pain areas and fix the problems to avoid past due payment penalties and improve vendor relations.


Vendor Analysis

This dashboard helps you manage vendors effectively allowing you to wort through and scope out the exact insight you need.

Are your in Purchasing or Procurement department, then this dashboard is for you.

It provides an overview of number of documents and amount in euro. You can now focus on the vendors that provide you the most value.