Enterprise Content Management by OpenText

We provide advisory, implementation consultancy services, application support and managed services for OpenText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

The power of one system

Having a company-wide content management system is an optimal approach to enhance the availability and value of information across your enterprise.

It provides a 360° view of a business and its processes by improving the
connection between people and systems.

The ECM system specializes in bringing together an all-around overview of your companies’ activities. This includes the different projects currently at work, as well as
the individual, looking into the day-to-day work of your employees.

Easy Access – Better Insight
– Swifter Action

Using simple, intuitive tools focusing on user experience, an ECM can drive personal and
process productivity. An ECM solution can improve transparency and insight by
synchronizing business processes, providing a workforce with the necessary tools to
complete their jobs more efficiently, with higher quality and catalyzing increased revenue.
At Turnpikes, we regard ECM as far more than a glorified storage solution.

Some of the most popular processes that are optimized using ECM are:

  • Sales CRM process
  • HR Process
  • Contract Management
  • Investment Management
  • Quality Review
  • Engineering Document Management

OpenText Extended ECM Connects All Elements of Your Business

For all businesses, speed is critical. Having the correct information at hand is crucial to ensuring work efficiency. However, if the workforce experiences a fragmented working style, switching between various applications to acquire data or simply not having the necessary information shared, it can have negative consequences. It can impact the creation of effective working habits and cause a disconnect among teams.

Extended ECM (xECM) bridges content silos and various leading business applications. Which ensures an effortless flow of unstructured and structured data across a business and makes sure it goes to the right people.

Extended ECM Ensures Your Data is Always at Your Hands

xECM, as a content services platform, can incorporate out of the box integration of your companies’ information. It originates from various digital workspaces via nominally hard to coordinate environments, be that remote working or extended supplier and contractor systems. Thus, making it easier to collaborate and bring together customers, vendors and employees.

OpenText Extended ECM can offer full integration with leading apps, such as SAP ERP and SuccessFactors, Oracle E-Business Suite, E-Business Suite, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

With xECM, you always know where all business-critical information is. The provision of content archiving solutions can help preserve critical information whilst also making them easy to retrieve.

Right Content in the Right Context

Changing into a new process means more than just moving documents from one place to another. The great thing about xECM is having the content available to the business in the proper context, meaning the correct leading application.

It is essential to have business continuity, but at the same time, it is expensive to maintain old, though hard to replace, document management systems (DMS).

Content needs to be migrated into an appropriate structure to benefit from business continuity and significant cost savings. Therefore, xECM requires the documents (content) and the workspaces where the documents belong (business context).

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Our Competences for OpenText ECM Solutions

Our Competences for OpenText ECM Solutions