Operational insights

Let Insights & Analytics help you stay fully operational in your Accounts Payable process

Manage your workload

Which invoices have been paid, who is doing what, how many documents do we have?

Might be some of your questions when managing the weekly workload.

Get everything operationally run smoothly and be in control of your weekly workload.

Account Payable Weekly Workload

AP Dashboard

The Accounts Payable dashboard provides a visual overview of VIM documents that are not posted or sorted according to days remaining before payment.

You can easily see the number of documents in specific exceptions, which along with the capability to visually slice and dice according to Company codes, Vendors, input channels and dates provides a quick overview to the AP Manager and how to deploy their resources efficiently.

Vendor Analysis

This dashboard helps you manage vendors effectively allowing you to wort through and scope out the exact insight you need.

Are your in Purchasing or Procurement department, then this dashboard is for you.

It provides an overview of number of documents and amount in euro. You can now focus on the vendors that provide you the most value.