Migration Tool

Designed for OpenText xECM

In control of your move​

With our Migration Tool, there is no need to build anything yourself. This robust and rich in functionality  tool is designed specifically for migrating data into OpenText xECM.

The introduction of new systems can be a challenge. This is particularly evident when moving content from existing archives, shared drives or other content management systems into a new ECM

At the same time it is crucial to replicate the same structure and not losing anything in the transfer process. 

Migrating your data safely

This tool can absorb documents directly from source systems and all leading applications. This includes SharePoint, LiveLink, Content Server or any other repository accessible via API.

Moreover, it can handle both content and business context like workspaces to maintain the synergy of business structures and relations.

It ensures the data is suitable and is readable within the new system. If the workspace exists, the tool will integrate the data into the corresponding workspace within the ECM system.

However, if the workspace does not exist, the migration tool will create a new workspace in xECM.

Achieve the full overview of your business

Our migration tool sets out to help your business achieve a one Document Management System vision. A 360° vision of your organization’s documents can ensure increased productivity for the end-user.  

You no longer have to maintain multiple systems, accounts and passwords. Moreover, this one single target system will provide you with optimal search, helping you to save time and money. 

The value of an xECM is the ability to possess business-critical content in the proper context. Thus, having the right migration tool to transfer this information into the appropriate business structure is pivotal to aligning your needs with reality. 

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