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OpenText Vendor Invoice Management

We provide advisory, implementation consultancy services, application support, and managed services for OpenText VIM for SAP Solutions.

OpenText VIM – A 21st Century Tool for Your Invoice Needs

A streamlined Vendor Invoice Management solution can assist when it comes to accelerating your business processes. A VIM system can help support the adaptation to the hyper-scaled nature of modern business.

Accounts Payable (AP) is a fundamental element of any organization’s supply chain. Adapting this simple business process to today’s modern hyper-scaled business processes can be challenging.

This is mainly due to the speed and geographical spread of today’s organizations that operate in a fast-changing technological environment.

opentext vim solution

Simplify Processes – Deliver Faster Returns

Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) by OpenText is a strong tool for your invoice processing needs. Receiving invoices, paying them on time, and following legal and tax requirements are fundamental to an organization’s success.

If not processed promptly or if invoices are incorrectly entered, it can have significant implications. For example, it may impact cash flow, dissatisfying customers and suppliers and it can cause process delays.

Therefore, a powerful out-of-the-box solution is a key to improving and maintaining excellent vendor relations. In addition, VIM helps simplify your infrastructure, streamline your finance processes across departments, and ensure everything is paid on time.

With OpenText VIM You are Always in Control of Your Information

Day-to-day business operations move steadily towards automated methods. VIM helps you improve efficiency and streamline document-centric processes.

Its enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities can help to automate the processing of SAP-related documents fully.

Through automated capture, it can digitize incoming paper documents. It is securely storing data within its cloud system, integrating and collating information from across the entire organization to be readily available.

VIM is Constantly Learning to Support Your Business Better

VIM is constantly evolving and building its knowledge of how it can effectively support your business finance tasks. This also applies to the implications into other areas of a business where the exact needs apply.

This is all possible because of the latest advances in AI, machine learning algorithms, and robotic process automation (RPA) and conversational AI support.

VIM complies with pre-configured roles, rules and actions that are embedded into the system of record. This helps optimize invoice flows, prioritize and automate routing, approval, and payment processes to ensure everything is paid on time.

As a result, it is eliminating inefficiencies and improving your experience.

Add-ons that support
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Insights & Analytics

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Process Analyzer

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Want to know why OpenText VIM is the best performing invoice management tool?

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Our Competences for SAP VIM Solutions by OpenText

VIM Invoice Solution for SAP S4/HANA

SAP Invoice Management by OpenText for SAP S/4HANA (VIM, SAP IM). 

On S4/HANA, SAP customers benefit from the latest generation of SAP ERP excellence.  VIM is the de facto standard invoice management workflow and automation solution, given it is sold and supported by SAP. 

No other solution is and will remain so close to SAP standard FI and MM and integrate, within S4/HANA, to facilitate processing of vendor invoices (and more, see below on VIM beyond Finance).  

Planning for a Greenfield S4HANA implementation or getting ready for a Brownfield conversion to S4HANA? We are ready to help and guide you in your VIM S4HANA journey with our extensive experience. 

Our experience includes the latest capabilities in VIM, specifically for S4/HANA like Machine Learning, AI and RPA.  

VIM Invoice Solution for ECC

SAP Invoice Management by OpenText for SAP ECC (VIM, SAP IM). 

Technically, with exception of some specific functionalities which require the latest S4/HANA system, SAP VIM for ECC is the same Invoice management workflow system as VIM for S4/HANA. 

The VIM team in Turnpikes has many years of experience designing and implementing VIM in SAP ECC for the most efficient capturing and processing of vendor invoices in SAP.  This includes roll-outs to countries (global experience) with experience on how to deal with regional legal variations in invoices.  

Our experience includes the more complex invoice management countries like Brazil, Italy, Russia, China, India 

We equally have broad experience with integration e-invoicing (XML) into your VIM solution, to comply with local country regulations.  

Integration of VIM with third party solutions (Business Networks, Scan and OCR providers).  Based on many years experience with VIM on ECC, we can guarantee you an approach tailored to optimize invoice processing on local as well as global scale.  

VIM - Solutions Beyond Invoices

With OpenText Vendor Invoice Management Beyond Invoices for SAP you will be able to automate much more than just vendor invoices. Any incoming Business document, that requires capturing and/or extraction of data via OCR can be handled and automated.  

VIM beyond Finance is popular and proven for Order confirmations, Delivery notes, Sales orders and Payment remittance.  

As one of the leading Invoice Management and Process Solutions on the market, OpenText VIM for SAP can help your business benefit beyond finance.  And combined with our Insights & Analytics, your business can benefit from process automation and business insight - all from one provider. 

Technical advantage is that the same VIM workflow solution covers those non-invoices documents, so the same workflow framework can be configured. 

Commercially, the licenses you have for VIM also cover non-invoice document types. What are you waiting for? Contact us to find out how to optimize Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash process with your VIM solution.  

SAP Information Capture by OpenText (ICC, BCC)

No process can be efficient without high quality data at the start of the process.  This is what Invoice Capture Center (ICC) and Business Center Capture (BCC) provide.  The capabilities to accurately extract data from paper or PFD documents.  

Let us help you with setting up and customizing your ICC or BCC applications for VIM to get the best out of your OCR solution. Turnpikes has scripting and training knowledge competence for ICC/BCC OCR technology by OpenText. 

Core Capture (EIS)/Intelligent Capture for SAP (IC4SAP)

No process can be efficient without high quality data at the start of the process.   Core Capture for SAP is the next-generation, modern OCR software from SAP/OpenText, using Machine Learning to accurately extract data from paper or PDF documents.  

We can help you with moving from ICC/BCC or other legacy OCR software to the newest Core Capture OCR, regardless whether in Cloud or on-premise.  

We have in-depth experience to implement IC4SAP/Core Capture for new implementations, as well as upgrades. 

Core Capture for SAP / Intelligent Capture for SAP (IES OCR) 

Whether Cloud or on-premise, Turnpikes VIM consultants have in-depth experience to configure this OCR solution and guide you to high quality data capture and extraction.  A must-have to automate your business processes.  

Remember, Turnpikes Insights & Analytics for VIM measures the performance of OCR in intuitive manner, to guide you or your BPO services provider in optimal manner to get the best OCR data extraction results and automation.  

SAP Archive Center

OpenText Archive server is often used in combination with VIM to securely store the invoice documents, regardless of the type of document (PDF, scan, XML, …).  OpenText Archive server (part of Archiving and Document Access software licenses) can be on premise on in Cloud (called Archive Center or Core Archive).  

At Turnpikes, we have in-depth expertise with Archive server, to install, configure and upgrade, both on-premise as in Cloud.  We also have experience with ArchiveLink and CMIS interface, to connect to your SAP system (ECC, S4HANA, S4 PEC, HEC, etc.)  

Turnpikes experience also includes migration of Archive servers, OpenText Enterprise Scan (for scanning of paper), Imaging Viewer (Client for Invoice viewing), Webviewer (web application for document viewing) and Document Pipeline for bulk import.  

VIM E-Invoicing

E-Invoicing gets more and more traction, driving also by increased legal requirements in many countries, making e-invoicing mandatory.  

The strength of VIM is that it is agnostic to business networks and e-invoicing channels.  Meaning that a customer is free of choice and can connect several business networks as input channels.  For VIM end-user it will be transparent, regardless which business network is used (OpenText Business Network/GXS, SAP Ariba, Tradeshift, Coupa or others).  And equally regardless of the e-invoice type or format (XML, Peppol, OIOUBL, EDI, …).   

We can help handling XML invoices for different countries. 

We also have experience with electronic invoice formats which SAP VIM supports standard, like X-rechnung (Germany), FatturaPA (Italy), UBL/Peppol (e.g. Benelux), India e-invoicing reform, Nota fiscal (Brazil).  

Turnpikes has also integrated SAP VIM with SAP Document compliance at several customers.  SAP Document Compliance Framework allows to interact with government systems.  The integration with VIM is standard in SAP VIM.  

VIM and EDI integration

In relation to above dropdown on e-invoicing, VIM can digest out-of-box EDI.  IDOC input channel has been standard and proven for many years.

Turnpikes has great experience with EDI integration to VIM, not at least from our many customers in Retail or Wholesale.  

VIM Fiori Apps

Fiori is the newest generation UI from SAP. It has been around for a while, but the importance of Fiori is only increasing because SAP´s innovation on S4HANA is built on Fiori.   

VIM is deeply integrated with SAP Fiori and will make it seamless to and end-user. VIM Fiori Apps are available like any other SAP Fiori apps from the Fiori launchpad.

VIM is focused on simplification and automation, and with the fact that the solution lies within SAP ECC or S4HANA itself, offers the best and most optimal processing options for invoices, for heavy users as well as occasional users, with intuitive web or mobile access options.  

Turnpikes can guide customers on how to set up Fiori, both for the ECC architecture with Fiori Front-end and back-end server setup, as well as with the S4HANA embedded Fiori.  

We always aim to have customers benefit from the standard software functionalities provided, but we also have experience to make custom Fiori apps, for those cases where customer wants a more personal, customer-specific VIM Fiori app with functionality not available in standard.  

VIM Ariba

Integration of Ariba for VIM. 

SAP VIM integrates out-of-box with SAP Ariba, to interact with the purchasing business network and have customers benefit from inbound invoice and outbound status update functionality.  Turnpikes helps customers benefit from the strengths of both worlds: Ariba as business network for optimized vendor engagements and purchasing, and VIM for processing of invoices at end of process within SAP ECC or S4HANA.  A typical value chain for Ariba integration looks as follows.  

Technically there are several integration options to Ariba:   

  • SAP Business Suite Adapter for Ariba 
  • Ariba Cloud Integration (CI) adapter or its predecessor, Ariba Network Adapter 
  • Ariba Cloud integration gateway 

Depending on the software versions, Turnpikes will guide you to the right setup.

Procure to Pay (P2P) and Account Payable (AP)

Technology is great, but it only matters if it makes organizations run better, processes more efficient and business benefits tangible.

At Turnpikes, we take pride that we not only have in-depth VIM product expertise and technical skills, but equally process excellence expertise when it comes to Accounts Payable and broader Procure to Pay.

This in depth functional experience in P2P and Account Payable processes is one of the ingredients of our success and we have many customers who happily testify about that.

Also our Insights & Analytics for VIM, which provides transparent KPI dashboards with all the business logic built in, is a proof point that we not only technically master this domain, but also functionally.

ABAP Developments and SAP Workflow

We are VIM product experts, but equally expert in SAP Workflow (the underlying technology used in VIM) as well as SAP ABAP developments.  It allows us to make needed custom adjustments where it makes sense, in a controlled manner and with scalability and upgrade in mind.   We have in-depth insights in VIM user exits.   This is shown by the background of our consultants and the excellence of their work and code.   It is also worth mentioning in this context that Turnpikes has been OpenText Technology partner for VIM for many years.  It means that Turnpikes has access to Development licenses and is well in synch with roadmap and upcoming changes.

Finally, with all the expertise having dealt with Invoice management workflow in SAP for many years, we are in the best position to help our customers automate other Business document driven processes, whether still within Procure-to-Pay, or Order-to-Cash.   Contact us if you want to automate manual sales order, delivery note, payment remittance and many more processes.

OpenText Document Access & Archiving (aka DocuLink)

OpenText Document Access and Archiving provides a solid and secure archiving for both documents as well as data in SAP.

Core component is archive server, also known as Archive center or Core Archive.   It can connect via ArchiveLink, or via CMIS in the newer Cloud architectures, and will make sure that documents are securely archived and can be retrieved from within SAPGUI or Fiori.   Turnpikes has most experience with OpenText Archive server, which we have worked with for decades, with ArchiveLink, KPRO and CMIS integration scenarios to SAP.  But in occasion other SAP ArchiveLink certified archive solution or SAP Content Server is selected for document storage, we know how to integrate those with VIM as well.

OpenText Document Access allows also for non- SAP documents to be stored and provides some additional document handling and storing functionalities on top of SAP standard.

“Reach out to us now and get one step closer to simplifying your daily workload!”

Carl Ellmer

Sales Director

Carl Ellmer
Carl Ellmer

“Reach out to us now and get one step closer to simplifying your daily workload!”

Carl Ellmer

Sales Director