Process Analyzer

Designed for SAP Invoice Management by OpenText

Your data at your hands

We have created a product for Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) that will ensure your business efficiency. A Process Analyzer that can handle complex and crucial data. 

This provides you with a deeper insight into your business and facilitates you making the right choices. This is our key goal, enabling smart decision making. 

The growing need for a tool than can organize and analyze data swiftly is evident. Corporations are anticipating a rise in the volume of data they must face in the future. 

In control of your processes

Deeply integrated within SAP, the VIM Process Analyzer can ensure that greater business efficiency is your reality.

Following pre-configured rules, roles, and actions, the tool extracts the data that companies rely on from the source.

It then analyzes it to be correctly categorized and delivered to the right destination. 

Easier access – Faster insights

Let your business reap the benefits by empowering an automatic process

Our tool is capable of handling complex and crucial data which will provide you with correct and better insight into your business information.

The VIM Process Analyzer is your next step to greater business efficiency. It provides the vital support corporations require daily.