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Enterprise Content Management by OpenText

We provide advisory, implementation consultancy services, application support, and managed services for OpenText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

The power of one system

Having a company-wide content management system is an optimal approach to enhance the availability and value of information across your enterprise.

It provides a 360° view of a business and its processes by improving the
connection between people and systems.

The ECM system specializes in bringing together an all-around overview of your companies’ activities. This includes the different projects currently at work, as well as
the individual, looking into the day-to-day work of your employees.

ecm solution
ecm before ecm after

Before & after xECM

OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management – One solution to rule them all.

Easy Access – Better Insight
– Swifter Action

Using simple, intuitive tools focusing on user experience, an ECM can drive personal and process productivity. An ECM solution can improve transparency and insight by synchronizing business processes, providing a workforce with the necessary tools to complete their jobs more efficiently, with higher quality, and catalyzing increased revenue. At Turnpikes, we regard ECM as far more than a glorified storage solution.

Popular processes that are optimized using ECM

  • Sales CRM Process
  • HR Process
  • Contract Management
  • Investment Management
  • Quality Review
  • Engineering Document Management

OpenText Extended ECM Connects All Elements of Your Business

For all businesses, speed is critical. Having the correct information at hand is crucial to ensure work efficiency. However, if the workforce experiences a fragmented working style, switching between various applications to acquire data, or simply not having the necessary information shared, it can have negative consequences. It can impact the creation of effective working habits and cause a disconnect among teams.

Extended ECM (xECM) bridges content silos and various leading business applications. Which ensures an effortless flow of unstructured and structured data across a business and makes sure it goes to the right people.

Extended ECM Ensures Your Data is Always at Your Hands

xECM, as a content services platform, can incorporate out of the box integration of your companies’ information. It originates from various digital workspaces via nominally hard to coordinate environments, be that remote working or extended supplier and contractor systems. Thus, making it easier to collaborate and bring together customers, vendors and employees.

OpenText Extended ECM can offer full integration with leading apps, such as SAP ERP and SuccessFactors, Oracle E-Business Suite, E-Business Suite, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, and SharePoint.

With xECM, you always know where all business-critical information is. The provision of content archiving solutions can help preserve critical information whilst also making them easy to retrieve.

Right Content in the Right Context

Changing into a new process means more than just moving documents from one place to another. The great thing about xECM is having the content available to the business in the proper context, meaning the correct leading application.

It is essential to have business continuity, but at the same time, it is expensive to maintain old, though hard to replace, document management systems (DMS).

Content needs to be migrated into an appropriate structure to benefit from business continuity and significant cost savings. Therefore, xECM requires the documents (content) and the workspaces where the documents belong (business context).

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Automated Testing

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Migration Tool

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Power BI Connector

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Our Competences for OpenText ECM Solutions

OpenText™ xECM Platform

OpenText Extended ECM (xECM) Platform is designed to integrate content services with leading applications to bridge content silos, expedite information flows and expand governance.

These solutions really shorten the time-to-information as they are designed to bring the ECM system inside leading applications.

Turnpikes consultant have extended experience with xECM platform and have integrated it with various leading applications, both on premise as well as Cloud solution (e.g., Oracle Cloud).

This system is a perfect fit to integrate to applications for which OpenText does not provide standard productized integration. This solution is also the common platform for organizations who spread a business process over several software applications (Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle), but still want a common underlying ECM system to bring process, people and content together.

This way one makes sure that people in the organization can access relevant documentation, regardless of their role in the process and the leading application used.

Turnpikes consultant have experience with APIs and integration layers to design and implement scalable solutions with high business value, and high system performance.

OpenText™ xECM for SAP (ECC and S/4HANA)

OpenText Extended ECM (xECM) offers customers access to key business content within the context of an SAP business process.

Turnpikes consultants specialized in these solutions have the necessary experience on SAP side as well as on OpenText xECM side, allowing for efficient project design and delivery. Our ECM team is familiar with SAP Business Objects to integrate into and possess functional as well as niche technical competences.

Typical scenarios include Contract management for Sales and Purchasing Contracts, Investment management, Enterprise Asset management.

OpenText™ xECM for SAP C4C

As part of the OpenText Extended ECM (xECM) for SAP Solutions family, xECM for C4C integrates SAP CRM system, C4C, with OpenText xECM. Turnpikes consultants have experience with Sales processes (from Lead to Closure) as well as following production or service processes, making them an excellent choice to optimize your processes and increase sales performance.

We have experience with the specifics of SAP C4C, being a Cloud offering, and the impact of its release schedule on underlying solutions like xECM.

OpenText™ xECM for SuccessFactors

As part of the OpenText Extended ECM (xECM) for SAP solutions family, xECM for SuccessFactors focuses on HR related use cases. The solution increases HR effectiveness by providing scalable, centralized remote access to complete employee records.

It enables users to access all data and documents and provides a true 360-degree view on your employee. Furthermore, it is integrated with SAP SuccessFactors (Recruiting, Onboarding, Employee Central) as well as SAP HCM and provides compliant document management, document generation and records management for HR.

A subset of the Turnpikes ECM Consultant team is focused on and experienced with this solution and have a deep understanding of HR processes and related documentation.

Technically, we have skills and experience with both xECM for SuccessFactors as well as SAP HCM. We also have experience and access to SAP Core for SuccessFactors, which is a public Cloud offering, built on OT2, to deliver similar functionalities of document management, document generation and records management from OpenText Cloud.

OpenText™ xECM for Salesforce

OpenText Extended ECM (xECM) for Salesforce® is an enterprise solution for sharing, controlling and managing business and transactional documents at scale, in content-intensive business processes spanning multiple systems from within Salesforce.

With Extended ECM for Salesforce, business users are enabled with advanced document management capabilities to enhance collaboration and efficiencies inside the organization, and externally with customers and partners, while seamlessly automating records management processes and controls behind the scenes.

Our extensive expertise optimizing CRM systems with integrated content management also covers extended ECM for Salesforce. We have hands-on implementation and integration experience and a close connection to the software vendor Product management.

OpenText™ xECM for Contracts Management

Extended ECM (xECM) for Contracts Management helps customers reduce the contract preparation process, shorten time on contract administration and increase visibility of contract process.

xECM for Contracts Management covers broad functionality for Contract Management creation based on templates, review/approval workflows as well as electronic signatures. And, integrated for both Sales as well as Purchasing contracts to the right objects in your leading application (CRM, ERP, etc.).

For this type of solution to be successfully implemented, it needs functional experience with Contract Management process, variants of contracts and business partners.

Often this type of solution fits well with integration to SAP and CRM systems, like C4C and Salesforce. Typically, 90-95% of the implementation efforts are on the xECM side, while 5-10% are on the leading application side (SAP / Salesforce).

OpenText™ xECM for Investment Management

An Investment Management process is about procurement of goods and services. The process has some business rules of how it should be prepared for the Investment and what the budgeting process is.

A typical Investment process consists of:

  • Application (for development/enlargement and/or supporting investment) approval.
  • Physical/electronic signature collection on the application.
  • Collect investment documentation and monitor the investment-related criteria.
  • Application is improved for investments ranking according to their usefulness and necessity (calculation of agreed KPI’s).
  • Setting up an investment ranking decision-making workflow.

Often, Extended ECM (xECM) for Investment Management is implemented with integration to SAP ECC or S/4HANA.

Turnpikes Consultants have experience with both the xECM side as well as SAP and its integration. This ensures that we are able to offer our customers an efficient project team and enables us to deliver on our short time-to-value promise.

OpenText™ xECM for Engineering

OpenText Extended ECM (xECM) for Engineering (formerly Engineering Document Management) is an add-on to the OpenText™ xECM Platform that helps efficiently control risk to engineering project scope, schedule and costs.

This enables owner-operators and engineering companies to gain faster returns on investment by speeding time-to-production and enabling efficient asset operations.

xECM for Engineering provides a single, authoritative repository for storing and controlling engineering documents and work processes.

The solution enables personnel to efficiently control engineering information, work processes and risk across the lifecycle of projects and operations to help accelerate revenue.

xECM for Engineering is a specialized solution within the OpenText ECM stack. To implement it successfully, it requires consultants with expertise in Engineering processes, combined with in-depth xECM technical expertise.

Turnpikes possess both and are one of few OpenText partners with full end-to-end expertise in this niche domain of specialism.

“Reach out to us now and get one step closer to simplifying your daily workload!”

Carl Ellmer

Sales Director

Carl Ellmer
Carl Ellmer

“Reach out to us now and get one step closer to simplifying your daily workload!”

Carl Ellmer

Sales Director