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Automated Testing

Designed for OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management

Automate your testing

Are you manually testing new features and implementations for OpenText xECM?

When manually testing you spend hours on tedious and repetitive testing tasks. You want to ensure that new features work as intended and that they do not impact previously implemented features.

Manually testing is often unstructured and human errors are bound to happen, especially when having to perform the same task over and over again.

Automated Testing eliminate your challenges

By automating your testing you eliminate human errors because the tasks are performed automatically by the add-on tool.

You also save hours of work doing manual testing as the tool does it in minutes. And once finished, you get the full report. If the test fails you are then able to go into your reports and figure out where the problem occurred.

This solution is faster, easier and standardized. You can run tests when you want and as many as you want.

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How does it work?

As part of an enterprise organization, you have environments that are a complex combination of products and add-ons designed for your enterprise specifically.

Whenever new features are introduced, meticulous testing scenarios are performed. Tests are performed over several stages to ensure it works and does not interfere with existing or previously implemented features.

  • Control the browser from a script and perform user actions
  • Wait for processes to finish, retrying if necessary
  • Every test uses its own files & cleans up at the end
  • Tests can be started from the command line
  • The setup can start tests manually or at a scheduled time

Automated Testing for xECM can cover all your different environments and combinations of products. It is even possible to get it customized to fit your testing needs.

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“Reach out to us now and get one step closer to simplifying your daily workload!”

Carl Ellmer

Sales Director

Carl Ellmer
Carl Ellmer

“Reach out to us now and get one step closer to simplifying your daily workload!”

Carl Ellmer

Sales Director