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Luckily, we got the fix!

We live in a world where we are constantly on the move and therefore our work needs to be on the move with us.

Making it possible for you to do your job on the move is a big plus for all. It saves time and ensures that you have the right information, such as important invoice details, are right at your hand while you are away from your computer.

This is why apps for your mobile devices are so important.

Having your OpenText Fiori Task app ensures that you can check the invoice details and cost objects and quickly approve or reject on the go.

However, you might have encountered this issue…

The Pain

You have to access an invoice image document from your phone or tablet.

However, because it is pulling the image from OpenText VIM Fiori Task app, it calls the Archive Server directly.

And ultimately it is not able to open the invoice image since you are on an open network that is considered not safe.

Dealing with business confidential material, it is necessary to ensure a safe way to access your company files.

The Fix

In order to pull the invoice image seamlessly, you need to go through the following 8 steps.

NB! The information displayed in the screenshots below are for demonstration purpose only.

Step 1

Start off by creating a Proxy for Archive Server. You might need help for this step.

E.g., if the archive server is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), then the AWS team need to create, configure, and provide the Proxy server details to the SAP team.

Once the Proxy details are available you can move to step 2. The following steps needs to be taken in SAP SPRO and VIM Configuration.

Step 2

In SAP SPRO navigate to below nodes as highlighted.

navigation in SAP SPRO

Step 3

Now create locations

Step 4

Define Host and Properties

Step 5

Then define Content Server Alias

Step 6

Define Additional Locations for Content Server Aliases

Step 7

In VIM Foundation navigate type the transaction code /OTX/PF00_IMG and then go to General Settings.

Under General Settings add a new entry and select EXTSDOKLOC from dropdown. Copy the Proxy name from Step 6 and paste it here as demonstrated in below screenshot.

Step 8

Go to SM30 and open table /PTGWFI/Z_CONST in change mode and fill out the following information into the fields.

Product code: IAP

Version: 0


Constant Value: X

You are now done!

The solution is ready for testing, so you can move the changes to the testing environment and test the VIM Approval App from your mobile device (Mobile/Tablet).


This solution is applicable for all the VIM Fiori apps which are supported on Smartphone.

The name of the apps can be found in VIM Foundation Release Notes of respective versions.