Power BI Connector

Designed for OpenText xECM

Power BI Connector for OpenText xECM

Our Power BI Connector is designed to embed Microsoft Power Bi into your OpenText xECM system, which ensures the right tool right at your hands. 

Microsoft Power BI is gradually becoming the standard tool in many organizations for data visualization and dashboards. 

Bringing the power of Power BI inside Extended ECM (xECM) will bring great benefits to your company.  


Information right at your fingertips

Reports and insights are available right by your fingertips from within a Business Workspace in xECM, connecting data insights in the business process to where the information is. 

It also allows you to combine a variety of data sources to make the needed dashboards that bring great value to your business users.

Data from xECM (Content Server database), from Microsoft as well as from leading applications can all be combined in one Power BI dashboard with the Power BI Connector designed for xECM by OpenText. 


Popular user-cases

  • Customer Dashboards 
  • Vendor Dashboards 
  • Management Dashboards 
  • Security Dashboards  

Turnpikes’ Power BI Connector for xECM also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams via Power Automate, ensuring that the right staff members are informed so they can take action when needed.

Embed Microsoft Power BI into OpenText xECM

By embedding Power BI into your OpenText Extended ECM with our connector, you enable a great tool to be a part of your xECM business workspaces. As seen on the image below, your business has analytics capabilities available from within the business workspace. 

As shown in the image to the right, our solution will add an extra tab into extended ECM workspace, named “Analytics”.

By clicking on the “Analytics” tab, Power BI will launch inside of your xECM screen.

Power BI Visualization When You Need It

The user can by means of Power BI visualization immediately see how many Opportunities there are for the selected Customer, as well as the relationship between the opportunity and active Teams site.  

The Power BI dashboard also includes functionality to archive a Teams site, for Closed Opportunities or Lost of Won

This solution allows your Microsoft Power BI experts to build or extend reports based on a variety of data sources and embedded into your leading applications.

Knowing that SmartView or SmartUI from xECM often is integrated in leading applications, like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SuccessFactors and more. One can embed Power BI automatically into the UI of those leading applications.  

The benefits of a Power BI Connector

A user does not have to open or switch to different application. Extended ECM passes information already on to Power BI, meaning the shown dashboards are relevant to the business area.

As example, when a certain Customer Account workspace is shown in extended ECM, those data are passed to Power BI in background, so the dashboards only show data filtered for that selected Account. 

This is of course possible for any of the metadata available in that extended ECM workspace   

The Power BI Connector Package

The OpenText xECM Power BI Connector package that Turnpikes offers has short-time-to-value and includes: 

  • The Connector which can be installed on xECM to embed Power BI into xECM business workspaces. 
  • Documentation on configuration. 
  • Template Power BI reports that combine data from several data sources, like OpenText Extended ECM (Content Server DB), Microsoft Teams 

Turnpikes Experts can provide training, support and additional Power BI Reports based on your requirements.  

The Power BI Connector is supported for OpenText xECM version 16.0 or later.