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Designed for OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions

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Insights & Analytics

Visual stimulation provides us with better understanding. That is why we have combined the power of visualizing data into 11 intuitive dashboards providing you with the full overview of your invoice process. You can track and monitor your VIM process KPIs and derive better data-driven insights.

Corporations require tools that allows you to focus on insights and data analysis. Because why should you spend hours going through data, when there is a more straightforward solution out there.

Insights & Analytics dashboards for OpenText VIM tracks and monitors the KPIs of your VIM and Accounts Payable (AP) process, so you are ensured superior data-driven insights. Our data visualization tool enables data extraction that can is intuitive, seamless and transparent.

Before and After Insights
& Analytics

You no longer have to struggle with long KPI’s, but rather you can focus on insights with our interactive dashboards.

Insights & Analytics

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