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Turnpikes was recently approached by University College of Nordjylland (UCN) to be involved with a video where Tim Stijven, Managing Director at Turnpikes, gives his statement on how beneficial it can be for both students as well as the company to engage with students.

“For Turnpikes, it has become a part of our innovation strategy, to pull in interns to work with. We have had good experiences with students that are fully engaged and eager to contribute with their up-to-date knowledge and software skills. They are fully immersed with our innovative projects, which gives them an opportunity of developing in their skills. And it provides us with great results as well, making it a win-win situation” says Tim Sijven.

On the request from UCN, Turnpikes agreed to do a video and the result can be seen below.

The latest student to be an intern at Turnpikes received top scores on his intership project and has now become a part of the Turnpikes Team as per 1st of July 2019. A true win-win for all. This is not the first time Turnpikes pulls in a previous intern.

In addition, Tim Stijven has confirmed to do another guest lecture for the SOftware Development class Autumn 2019 at UCN. Thereby, repeating the successful guest leacture he did back in 2018 with some relevant updates from the business world. This ensures that they have better tools to apply their technical knowledge into the context of the business world.